Vision Accelerator is an innovative and exclusive investment program that supports selected community businesses to scale and thrive.

For any business that is accepted in to the program, Vision Accelerator brings a combination of capital investment and loans, along with a tailored range of advisory support and consulting services, to help the business grow.

This includes proactively addressing exit strategy and succession concerns and enabling them to realise their full potential whilst at the same time returning earnings to the Vision Foundation.

The returns on the investment are allocated to the Vision Foundation endowment fund and will enable the ongoing financial needs of our schools to be met, as well as providing funding to meet other community welfare needs.

What are the benefits of being in the Vision Accelerator program?

For businesses selected to be part of the program there are a range of exclusive and tailored benefits:

  • Access to capital and working capital to drive your next phase of growth.
  • Coaching and implementation of financial and Board reporting best practice, to embed informed decision-making and risk management in to your business.
  • Premium strategic planning services, including exit strategy and exit options analysis, that will provide clear direction to your Board and management team.
  • Premium succession planning services that will ensure you can maximize the value of your business and help it to meet future needs.
  • Professional advisory support, including the appointment of an experienced Vision Board member, as well as access to our advisory network to provide strategic decision support.
  • Industry-leading specialist consultants, to ensure you receive qualified independent advice on tax, compliance, investment and other complex business issues.
  • An invitation to attend the Vision Accelerator Club Conference that brings together Vision Accelerator businesses for premium education, networking and coaching opportunities.

We will partner closely with your business, from the application process and the investment agreement, through to the development and implementation of your strategy, and the exit options analysis.


We are seeking applications from community businesses that have many or all the following attributes:

Are interested in being part of this premium program which will deliver a return to shareholders whilst also supporting community sustainability goals.

An established and proven business with annual turnover of AUD$15 million+, with 15%+ p.a. ongoing returns.

Require a growth partner that can provide a combination of capital investment and loans, along with strategic consulting and advisory services to help the business grow.

Open to a Vision Accelerator investment of up to 25 - 50% stake in the business.

Ambitions and opportunity to grow the products, services, industries and geographic markets in which you compete.

Ambitions to exit or plan a succession within a defined timeframe but with no clear succession strategy for ownership and management.​

Achieving and/or projecting to achieve in the medium-term cash-generation, along with solid growth.

How can my business apply?

  • Step 1 - Assess business fit

    Discuss opportunity with colleagues and family, and complete the Quick Assessment Tool.

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  • Step 2 - Get feedback

    Review potential alignment and get feedback from your business advisers and mentors within the community.

  • Step 3 - Advise intent

    Send an email to with your intention to apply.

  • Step 4 - Prepare application

    Collate all key information for the Application Form, including business plans and financial statements.

  • Step 5 - Submit application

    Complete and submit the Application Form, and prepare to discuss with the Vision Accelerator team.

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What are the Vision Accelerator investment criteria?

Businesses will need to consider and address each of the criteria when completing the Vision Accelerator Application form.

Criteria Description
Industry alignment Any business Vision invests in, external acquisitions or community businesses, requires a strong alignment to current community industry expertise or, where strategic in nature, we can draw on expertise from our current adviser base.
Investment partners All our investments requires that a community member or community business will be a co-investor.
Shareholding In general terms, we are seeking a 25-50% shareholding in established and profitable business.
Returns All our Vision Accelerator investments require 15%+ pa returns or uplift in value through exit, inclusive of capital gain.
Current performance Established businesses are required to be currently profitable or there is a significant turn-around opportunity.
Types of shares Vision requires voting and dividend shareholdings.
Level of investment For external acquisitions and established community business the investment level range is aimed at AUD$500,000 to $5,000,000.
Working capital We may offer secured loans to external acquisitions and established community businesses that will be assessed via a separate approval process.
Management We are seeking management teams that are motivated, act with integrity and have a track record of performance.
Market assessment In general terms, we are seeking investments in business who are in markets of AUD$100 million or greater, are in a growth life cycle, and / or have high growth potential as evidenced by research.
Social impact Advance impacts to the community would be assessed, identified and managed responsibly.

How is my application assessed?

We will let you know when your application is received and there will be ongoing communication throughout the application process.

Applicants should be available to respond to email or telephone enquiries, provide additional information and attend meetings as required.

The following steps explain the assessment and due diligence process given to each application through to final selection:

Phase A
Receive applications and assess against criteria to short list

Phase B
High-level valuation of short-listed applications

Phase C
Primary Due Diligence of shortlist

Phase D
Secondary Due Diligence of shortlist including social impact assessment

Phase E
Final Go/No-Go & negotiate

Phase F
Develop and Execute Vision Accelerator Program

At each phase, a 'Go/ No-Go' decision will be made on the alignment of the business to the Vision Accelerator Assessment criteria.

What happens when I start the Vision Accelerator program?

If your business is selected, then a sale and purchase agreement will be developed in conjunction with your advisers.  This will progress to a final agreement with details of any necessary adjustments that may be required.

After the agreement is signed an Accelerator Program Plan will be developed, and we will kick-off an on-boarding process which will include:

  • Coaching and implementation of financial and Board reporting best practice.
  • Development of growth strategies, including new markets, products and customers.
  • Support to identify capability and capacity gaps, and opportunities for improvement across the business.
  • Executive coaching and wellness strategies.

There will be an annual review process that will include the opportunity to report back to Vision Foundation and the community.  Please note that specific details about the Accelerator businesses will remain confidential.   However, Accelerator participants will be broadly referenced in case studies and 'good news' stories to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare an application?

Applicants are encouraged to allocate a reasonable amount of time to prepare their application, a few hours in the afternoon may not be enough to locate and submit the necessary information such as current performance details and 3 to 5-year financial statements. The correct information will assist the assessment process and reduce follow up requests.

How is the application assessed?

Your application goes through a series of six stages with a go/no-go assessment made by a panel at each stage. You will be kept informed throughout this process on where things are up to. If all the necessary information is available, the first assessment stage will be completed within two weeks of submitting your application.

What if my business does not meet all the criteria?

Ideally Vision Accelerator is looking for opportunities where there is a requirement for capital investment to support significant new growth. However, Vision Accelerator can also provide a support network that can work with the business over time to improve its readiness for new growth.

What if my business is not ready now; will I miss out on this opportunity?

Vision Accelerator is open to all businesses in our community from January 2018, and you can apply at any time. The program plans to identify suitable businesses over many years. It will be important to identify the right business opportunities that will deliver the expected returns. An application at this time can flag to the Vision Accelerator team your interest and ensure that you remain informed of news and developments.

Can I nominate a business that I do not own?

If community members identify an investment opportunity that may be suitable for the Vision Accelerator program an approach would be welcome. It is always important that there is agreement and openness from all stakeholders / business owners of the need to draw on new capabilities to support growth. The Vision Accelerator Quick Assessment Tool may assist in starting these conversations.

What happens when my business is not selected?

Applicants will be kept informed throughout the application and assessment process. Feedback will be provided on the strengths and limitations of your application. There will be opportunities to resubmit at a future time if / when your circumstances change.

Contact Us

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