A free service that helps you compare
power providers and a pricing plan
that is the best fit for you.

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Why should you switch?

Whether you are looking to make savings or may want to switch to get better customer service, or maybe your current energy provider isn’t meeting all your needs.

Whatever your reason, Savvy Switch is here to help.

Plus! Through using Savvy Switch you are supporting our children’s education through sign up commissions.

Save Time

It takes only 5 minutes to figure out the best deal for you.

Take the chore out of managing your gas & electricity with this easy to use, free service.

Save Money

We’ll show you how much you could save by switching.

Trust Savvy Switch to help you find great deals on gas and electricity. Compare gas and electricity packages to suit your needs.

Your Choice

Savvy Switch makes it easier for you to have control.

Whether it is saving money, or changing energy providers based on your own personal preferences.

"Due to government regulations, Savvy Switch may be unable to provide alternatives in the following areas: ACT, TAS, WA & Parts of QLD"

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