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Manage Account & Details On Connect App.

NEW Connect features available today !       ADVANCED + plan for husbands and wives.       Orbit, your new travel and event management system.

for husbands and wives

We listened to you and are pleased to offer our new Advanced Plus plan.

On top of your current Advanced plan, husbands and wives can now access all the Connect features and the new travel and event management system, Orbit, for a minimal additional charge.

Orbit is our unique online travel and event management system.

Available on the Connect App, providing you with real time information about your upcoming travel plans. All future Community events will be powered by Orbit.

Contact details, photos,
directions and more…

  • Make a Phone Call.

    Tap and call – it’s that simple.

  • View Household Profiles

    All you need to know about a household on a single screen, with links to parents and married children, so you can view their page too.

  • Map and Directions

    Find addresses quickly and get directions to guide you to their home with the integrated maps app.

  • Find Halls

    See who is local where and at what subdivsional meeting. Find addresses and get directions to main and subdivisional halls anywhere.


Connect App is purchased as one monthly subscription per user.

The Connect App for Android provides instant access to photos and contact information for community members across the globe. Combining photobooks and address books into one simple to use, live and highly secure system. Designed and developed to use on your Android device, to ensure top-class functionality and usability at all times. Are you looking for a particular address, a family member or just requiring directions to someone’s home – it’s all there with UBT’s new Connect App for Android.

Send a message or simply tap and talk. Connect App makes communicating with friends, family and other households easier, no matter where you are in the world.

Connect is only available on Streamline3 managed Android devices from UBT

It’s that easy with Connect

Connect’s search function enables you to find people faster and easier. Just type in the name and scroll through the results, it really is that simple! No need to get frustrated when you can’t find someone in the locality you picked, just use the search feature, scroll, tap and view.

First time access

Once you have completed your purchase of Connect, there is a verification process that may take up to 48 hours.

Up-to-date Information
through Connect

Supported by a global team of enthusiasts, Connect is the place to go for the latest, most up-to-date information on all households across the globe.With the ability to continually update data, you can be assured that your household will be accurate and correctly depicted through Connect.

With a marriage or new addition to your household, either request the update directly through Connect, or inform UBT, and it will be updated within days
Life has never been so simple!

your digital community directory

An array of options to suit your needs:

Connect Free Plan
Access to your locality household profiles only
Connect Premium
Providing you with access to your regions’ member profiles only
Connect Advanced
Providing you with access to all global member profiles
Advanced Plus Plan
New plan for husbands and wives, with one spouse already an Advanced subscriber

*Please note that all data usage charges apply when downloading updates, therefore we recommend that you are connected to Wi-fi for syncing.

*Connect is available to approved subscribers only.

*Connect is only available to Android users on Streamline3.

  • FREE

    Locality Details


    subscribe now



    Monthly Fee



    Monthly Fee

    Husband & Wife


    Monthly Fee
    One per household


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How do I use the Connect app on my Android Phone?

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How do I change my PIN?

How do I change my Password?

There is no Primary Subscription available at the checkout stage?

What is a Primary Subscription?

What is a Secondary Subscription?

I changed my details but they're not reflecting in Connect. What do I do?

Can I sync when not connected to Wi-Fi?

Can I hide my mobile number from showing to other users on Connect?

Is my data secure on Connect?

Why can't I find the Connect app on my mobile device?

How do I change the default locality showing on my home page?

Why can't I find the member/locality I am searching for?

Why is the pin position of my household location is incorrect?

How do I update my family details in Connect?

How do I update my photo in Connect?

Why do I get a message, "Update Subscription" when trying to look at some households?

Why can't I see all countries?

I purchased Connect and haven't yet received my login details. When will they arrive?

How do I upgrade to an Advanced Plan?

How do I downgrade to a Premium Plan?

Why do I have access to Advanced plan data after recently downgrading?

Can I purchase connect for someone else?

How do I cancel a Subscription?

Will there be a Connect app version for BlackBerry devices?

I have purchased a Free subscription, but when I try to login to Connect it says “No Active Subscription”:

I am locked out – how do I login again?

Can I cancel my Advanced Subscription? We also have an Advanced Plus plan.

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Customer Reviews

6 Reviews




Excellent & essential

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't take it up... it is a basic tool for us & is becoming more and more useful as extra features get added. First point of reference for any answers that could possibly be found on it. Love it!

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Great product with room for improvement.

Connect is an excellent resource for personal use. The ability to tap through to connected households and view married children under households is great. The contact phone numbers and home addresses are extremely useful.

Was this review helpful?      2     2




Excellent App

Use it every day.

Was this review helpful?      1     0




A great app -

This is a great app, with considerable potential for further development. We can see a huge amount of time and resources have been invested to date in getting this app live. Looking forward to seeing further improvements incorporated into this platform.

Was this review helpful?      0     0




Excellent product

A lot of hard work has gone into this.

Was this review helpful?      2     1




Awesome App!

Someone's gone to a lot of effort getting this set up. It is very well done!!! Great way to learn the community members.

Was this review helpful?      3     9


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